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Our skilled service technicians will treat the exterior of your home to prevent stink bugs before they come indoors. Common entry points such as windows, cracks and crevices around the exterior of your home, windows, door frames, fascia boards, rooflines, and attics will be treated to repel stink bugs. One treatment stops 90-100% of stink bugs from getting into your house during the fall. Service scheduled between August 15-September 30th provides maximum repellency against recurring stink bug infestations. However, treatments can take place until October 31st.


A: Stink bug infestations are relatively easy to identify. If you find crawling, flying, or dead stink bugs in your home, there could be many more lurking. Look for pests that have a brown, shield-shaped exterior and antennae. Adult brown marmorated stink bugs (the most common in our area) are about the size of a penny. Indoors, you can find them by window frames, screening, and fireplaces.
A: Stink bugs seek out warmth when the weather becomes cool in late fall. Because they cannot survive in the harsh cold, they venture in your home to stay safe through the winter. Once spring comes, they will leave your home to live outdoors. If they can find small cracks, crevices, or openings around the exterior of your home, your house is susceptible to stink bugs activity.
A: Stink bugs do not bite. They also do not infest pantries or other human food. Their presence is more of a general disturbance to those who don’t want to deal with unsightly stink bugs crawling or flying indoors. In general, stink bugs prefer to hide within wall voids, attics, and other spaces that are out of sight. "There can be large groups of stink bugs living in your walls without your knowledge".