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If you do not see a nest, please call our office and do not order service online

Our goal is to remove the nest the same day that service is rendered. However, extremely active nests may require a follow up visit the next day to remove the dormant nest. After we treat the nest, you may still see free flying insects.

Our service includes a base charge with a small incremental charge for additional ladder work.

While we cannot guarantee same day service, we will do our best to accommodate this request. If we cannot provide same day service, next day service will be provided unless otherwise specified.

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A: Hornets create a nest that look like a large, inverted teardrop-shaped ball usually attached to a tree, bush, or the side of your home. They have reddish-orange wings and a brown stripe on their orange stomach.
A: During the spring and summer months you may experience hornet activity for several reasons. They may be collecting wood from wooden play sets, deck railings, fences or tree bark to use for building their nest. They also can be looking for food sources such as insects that are present on bushes, shrubs, flowers, and trees. Towards the end of the summer, specifically during August and September, hornets will become most aggressive.
A: Hornets can be aggressive if their nest is disturbed. For that reason, we suggest that you not touch their nest or try to remove it on your own.